Imogene Newland

Imogene Newland is an interdisciplinary artist, choreographer and creator of original contemporary performance. Originally trained as a pianist, Imogene became interested in the overlap between gesture-based research in the fields of music performance and choreography in 2003. She has subsequently formed a series of works that address the intimate and intensely physical relation between music and the body. Imogene holds an MA with distinction in choreography from Dartington College of Arts and a Licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music in piano performance. She completed her practice-led Ph.D. at the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast in 2011. She is currently sub-editor for the journal Body, Space and Technology and Associate Editor of Performing Arts for HARTS & Minds. She has recently made her debut as a poet having been selected as a finalist for Poetry Rivals and the Great British Write Off.