'...unforgettable, spectacular, innovative, exciting and (this being dear to my heart) creatively disrespectful of constricting artistic divides' (George Dillistone, Devon Festival of Performing Arts)

Imogene Newland

Imogene Newland is an multidisciplinary artist, choreographer and creator of original contemporary performance. Originally trained as a pianist, Imogene became interested in the overlap between gesture-based research in the fields of music performance and choreography in 2003. She has subsequently formed a series of works that address the intimate and intensely physical relation between sound and the body. Imogene has presented works at the Arnolfini (Bristol), the Klankkleur Festival (Amsterdam), Multiplié Dansefestival (Norway), Wonders Jeju Music Festival (South Korea), Index Art Centre (New Jersey) and Ars Electronica (Linz), to name but a few. Imogene holds an MA with distinction in choreography from Dartington College of Arts and a Licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music in piano performance. She completed her practice-led Ph.D. at the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast in 2011. She is currently sub-editor for the journal Body, Space and Technology and Associate Editor of Performing Arts for HARTS & Minds.